Dogs deserve to stay cool during summer

How to keep your dog cool during the summer

Summer is finally upon us – the time for rolling in the grass, catching insects mid-flight and drinking directly from the lake. But enough about my weekend, what we’d like to talk about today is how to keep your furry best friend cool during those scorching hot summer months.

As we all know, hot weather can very quickly lead to a heat stroke on pets unless some precautions are taken. Here are some of our favorite tips to keep your best friend safe and cool:

1. Provide your pet plenty of cold water at all times

Easier said than done, am I right? Water doesn’t stay cold for very long in an ordinary plastic bowl, but luckily there’s this thing called Cooling Ceramics. All our water bowls are made of this unique ceramic material, which stays cold for several hours. It’s like magic, really – first you hold the bowl under running water, 30 seconds or so should be enough. If you want to save water, you can also dunk the bowl in a larger bowl of water. The water doesn’t actually have to be cold, the cooling ceramics magic works even with warm water! Then, as the water evaporates from the bowl’s surface, you’ll feel the surface gradually becoming very, very cold – and it will stay like that for up to 6 hours, providing your dog or cat fresh, cold and bacteria-free water at all times. Check out our water bowl collection below:

Cooling Water Bowl Large
Cooling Water Bowl Medium
Cooling Water Bowl X-Small

2. Make cool treats

We love this idea, courtesy of the people of Instagram: make little ice cubes or even popsicles that contain some water, small pieces of vegetables, minced beef, tuna flakes or just your pet’s ordinary food or treats. Pop them in the freezer and offer them to your pet as an icy snack on a hot day.

3. Provide shade

We’re not talking about the shade you throw on bad dress choices, but the actual shade, such as a large umbrella, tarp, clothing or shade screens. Especially on long car rides where the sun will shine in mercilessly, provide your pet lots of coverage from direct sunshine.

4. Keep ice packs or a cooling vest close by

One neat trick to provide instant cooling to your pet is to wrap him in a cold, wet towel or provide him some ice packs to lounge on top of. Get this – you can even sow some neat little pockets into one towel where you can slip the ice packs! Or, if you’re not the crafty type, there are plenty of cooling vests out there – we really love the one by the fellow Finnish brand, Hurtta

5. Watch out for signs of overheating

Since your pet can’t tell you himself, you should definitely keep a close eye on him at all times, checking for signs of overheating or heatstroke. The first signs to look out for are excessive and heavy panting, signs of discomfort, drooling and weakness – if your pet displays any of these signs, rush him over to your closest vet right away. Check also the immediate care instructions here.

Let’s enjoy the warm summer days and nights, with #nomorehotdogs. 

Sincerely yours,

Niles (Chief Dog Officer)