About us

Happy Pet Project is a brand founded in 2018 by the awarded Finnish design lab Magisso. This is a project with a beginning and an end. Our job is done when all the pets in the world are happy. We are commited to support pets’ rights for better living.

Happy Pet Project is focusing on fixing the problems of pets and pet parents. We are dedicated to bringing functional, aesthetically pleasing objects which help pets to stay healthy. We create products to ensure your best friend’s health and happiness: revolutionary self-cooling ceramic pet bowls, classy slow-feeders and sealed treat jars. 

All our designs are carefully crafted according to the celebrated Nordic aesthetics to match your interior. Our Happy Pet Project bowls won the European Product Design Award in 2017.

"For dogs who gulp their food down, causing gastrointestinal distress, Happy Pet Project food bowl is a MUST HAVE." 
Animal Medical Centre, New York

Pic: Xafi and Auri